The batteries that we know consist of anodes, cathodes, separates, and electrolytes. 

The components of the batteries are also typically combined with lithium, nickel, and manganese. Depending on the mixed proportion of materials, the batteries capacity and batteries output are affected. 

Mining is the first process of batteries industries. This is the reason why it is so important to obtain raw materials such as lithium and nickel. However, it is also true that the ethical issues have been raised in mining industries. So mining industries are going to keep changing.


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Pumps Solution

Pumps are required to transfer mined raw materials. However, in the mining process, high solid content and large particles in slurry often increase the wear cost of pumps and can make the pump break easily.

However, NETZSCH's pump system is powerful and reliable, allowing it to operate for a long time, providing a cost-effective solution.

The NEMO® progressing cavity pump can transfer even very thick slurries at low operational speeds, thus significantly reducing wear. It is suitable for the mining industry as it can easily handle big solids and withstand high pressure. NOTOS® multi screw pump is well prepared for working with different types of rock and that work tirelessly. Also, TORNADO® rotary lobe pump and PERIPRO peristaltic pump can successfully handle viscous slurries and liquids with high solids content.