End Use 

Lithium ion batteries store and supply electrical energy in mobile telephones, laptops and tools.

Especially in electric bicycles market such as EV, demand for batteries is steadily rising. Therefore, Many cell manufacturers are developing ever more powerful batteries that feature increased capacity, a longer lifetime, longer distance, in order to meet OEM’s needs.

Battery type used by OEM

 Cylindrical TypePouch TypePrismatic Type


Cylindrical steel can case

low production cost

Easy to mass-produce

The standard is set



  • Aluminum pouch case
  • high Space efficiency by minimizing empty space inside
  • various shapes is available
  • high production cost



  • Aluminum can case
  • Strong durability (withstands shocks from the outside well)
  • Easy for mass production
  • Low space efficiency


In the case of domestic battery manufacturers, the proportion of NCM/NCA with high energy density due to good space efficiency is high. Therefore, the mileage is improved. In addition, by increasing the specific gravity of nickel instead of cobalt, a rare metal with high cost, the cost is reduced and the energy density is increased.

Cell Manufacturers

Looking at EV battery usage, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese companies have a high market share. And cell manufacturers are investing in expansion overseas, mainly in Eastern Europe, China, and the US.

There are three types of battery cells, and each manufacturer mainly manufactures different types, and each type has individual characteristics.

Car Manufacturer

Car manufacturers are trying to make higher efficiency of batteries for their vehicles. They are improving the performance of vehicles through batteries using various materials such as LFP and NCMA.

For higher efficiency, the cost will be increased, so the car manufacturers are trying to internalize supplying electric vehicle batteries on its own. Some of them have plans to build its batteries plant for their battery price competitiveness and stable supply and demand. They promote development of batteries optimized for each level, purpose, performance, and price with the aim of internalizing batteries technology.

Market Trend

In order to increase the safety and energy density of battery cells, OEM is researching and developing new batteries.

For example, global car manufacturers are also researching own batteries or establishing JVs to develop battery cells or spurring their own research.