Netzsch energy Solutions


The NETZSCH Group provides total solutions for battery applications, from grinding and dispersing of battery materials to stability, charging and discharging efficiency and even recycling.

Engineers face challenges when designing lithium ion batteries. A proper thermal management strategy is required to ensure performance and the life span of the battery. The main concern with the thermal behavior of room temperature batteries is the possible significant temperature increase that may cause thermal runaway. Battery design parameters, manufacturing process and operating conditions have an effect on temperature rise/profile during battery operation. 

Manufacturers of battery components must deliver consistent overall quality – throughout the entire manufacturing process.
Continuity of the manufacturing process means that defects or contaminants accumulate at an early stage and have a much greater impact further down the production line. Quality and critical parameters that could affect battery performance should be monitored at every stage – from raw materials to cell assembly.

Today, the development of powerful batteries with increased capacity, a longer lifetime, shorter charging times, lower weight and size becomes even more crucial due to the change in mobility.

Chemical composition, shape and particle size distribution of the active materials, homogeneity and absence of defects in the coatings on the conductor foils of the electrodes, transport and
dosing of difficult, aggressive media, feeding during mixing and grinding and dosing of cathode and anode slurry influence the manufacturing process – and thus in the battery performance.

NETZSCH offers a broad portfolio of machines and equipment accompanying the overall manufacturing process as well as research and development of Li-ion batteries. The product portfolio includes for: dry and wet grinding, mixing and homogenization, dispersion, delamination, separation, deaeration, classification spheroidization, pumping, thermal analysis and rheology.