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NETZSCH - next level in battery research

High-tech "Made in Upper Franconia" and Korean research come together to produce lithium-ion batteries more sustainably and efficient. 

Korea University Seoul is launching a new type of research project. In the future, the focus will be on the highly automated industrial production of batteries, which is to be set up with the help of digital technologies...

Enhancing Battery Slurries: Efficiently Decreasing Mixing Time and Energy with an Intensive Mixer

The high demand for lithium-ion batteries is undeniable. According to current studies, the demand for cars, portable devices, and energy storage is expected to increase by more than ten times by 2030. To meet the rising demand, ever larger and more efficient battery factories are required...

NETZSCH becomes part of modern battery cell production in Germany and Europe

To ensure that growth can be successfully managed and efficient production can be established, the Fraunhofer Research Facility Battery Cell FFB is building a center for the development of modern and scalable battery cell production at the site in Münster. With the second construction phase of the "FFB Fab", Fraunhofer FFB plans to commission a large-scale production line for battery cell production...